15th Masonic Districts
Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Massachusetts

Famous Or Well Known Masons

  James Bowie, Alamo fame
Joseph Brant, Chief of the Mohawks 1742 - 1807
Benjamin Franklin - St. John's Lodge Philadelphia, PA; 1 of 13 Masonic signers of Constitution of the U.S.
Buffalo Bill Cody, pioneer, Wild West Show
Davey Crockett, American Frontiersman and Alamo fame
Christopher "Kit" Carson, frontiersman, scout and explorer
John Hancock, 1 of 9 Masonic signers of Declaration of Independance
Patrick Henry, patriot
Sam Houston, 2nd &4th President of the Republic of Texas
John Paul Jones - Naval Commander
Francis Scott Key, wrote U.S. National Anthem
Marquis de Lafayette, supporter of American Freedom
Robert Livingston - Co-Negotiator for purchase of Louisiana Territory
Paul Revere, patriot and Grand Master of Massachusetts
Colonel William B. Travis - Alamo
  Daniel Carter Beard - Founder Boy Scouts
Father Francisco Calvo- Catholic Priest who started Freemasonry in Costa Rica 1865
Jean Henri Dunanti - Founder of the Red Cross
Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury 1945 - 1961
Cornelius Hedges - "Father" of Yellowstone National Park
Melvin Jones - One of the founders of the Lions International
Frank S. Land - Founder Order of DeMolay
Dr. Robert Morris - Poet and Founder of the Order of Eastern Star
Harry S. New - Postmaster General who established Airmail
Joel R. Poinsett - U.S. Minister to Mexico who developed the flower Poinsettia
Mark Sexson - Minister & Founder: Intl. Order of Rainbow for Girls
  Edwin E.Aldrin, astronaut
Roald Amundsen
Neil Armstrong - Astronaut
Admiral Richard E. Byrd, flew over North Pole
Christopher "Kit" Carson - Frontiersman, scout and explorer
William Clark - Explorer (Lewis & Clark)
Captain James Cook
John Glenn, astronaut and US Senator - Concord Lodge No.688 Concord, OH
Virgil "Gus" Grissom, astronaut
Charles Lindbergh, aviator
James W. Marshall - Discovered Gold at Sutter's Mill California 1848
Meriwether Lewis - Explorer (Lewis & Clark)
Robert E. Peary, first man to reach the North Pole (1909)
Zebulon Pike, Pike's Peak is named after him
  General Henry "Hap" Arnold - Commander of the Army Air Force
General Omar Bradley
- West Point Lodge No.877, NY
Lord Cornwallis
General James Doolittle, Air Force Pilot
Viscount Jellicoe
Lord Kitchener
Curtis Lemay
George C. Marshall
Gen. Douglas MacArthur - Manila Lodge No.1 Phillipines
Lord Mountbatten
Audie Murphy, most decorated American Soldier of WWII
Lord Nelson
John Paul Jones, Naval Commander
John Pershing
Eddie Rickenbacker, great American Air Force ace
Field Marshal Suvorov
Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, German Naval officer responsible for submarine warfare
Duke of Wellington
  John Jacob Astor, financier. - W.M. Holland Lodge No.8 (1798)
Lloyd Balfour - Jewelry
Lawrence Bell- Bell Aircraft Corp.
Walter P. Chrysler, founder Chrysler Motors
Andre Citroen, founder Citroen Motor Car Co.
Willian H. Dow. - Dow Chemical Co.
Edwin L Drake- American Pioneer of the Oil industry
Eberhard Faber - Head of the Eberhard Fabor Pencil Company
Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company
King C. Gillett, Gillett Razor Co.
Charles C. Hilton - American Hotelier
John H. Johnson, publisher Ebony and Jet Magazines
Sir Thomas Lipton - Founder Lipton Tea Company
Louis B. Mayer - Film producer who merged to form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Ransom E. Olds, American automobile pioneer
J.C. Penny, department store founder
Fredrick Maytag, Maytag appliances
George Jacob Mecherle, founder, State Farm Insurance
John Molson
, founder Molson Breweries
George Pullman - Built first sleeping car on train.
Col. Harland Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken
Morris Sachs, Sachs 5th Ave.
David Sarnoff - Father of T.V. (RCA)
John W. Teets. - Chairman and Presiden of Dial Corporation
Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's Restaurants

Sir John J.C. Abbott - Prime Minister of Canada 1891-92
Stephen F. Austin, Father of Texas
Henry Baldwin - Supreme Court Justice
Viscount R.B. Bennett - Prime Minister of Canada 1930-35
Hugo L. Black, Supreme Court Justice
John Blair, Jr., Supreme Court Justice
Samuel Blatchford - Supreme Court Justice
Samuel Blatchford, Supreme Court Justice
Sir Robert L. Borden - Prime Minister of Canada 1911-1920
Thomas Bradley, mayor of Los Angeles
Joseph Brant - Chief of the Mohawks 1742 - 1807
Sir Mackenzie Bowell - Prime Minister of Canada 1894-96
David G. Burnett - 1st President of the Republic of Texas
Harold H. Burton - Supreme Court Justice
James F. Byrnes - Supreme Court Justice
John Catton- Supreme Court Justice
Sir Winston Churchill
John H. Clarke - Supreme Court Justice
Thomas C. Clark - Supreme Court Justice
William Cushing - Supreme Court Justice
Willis Van Devanter - Supreme Court Justice
John G. Diefenbaker - Prime Minister of Canada 1957-63
Robert J. Dole, US Senator - Russell Lodge No. 177, Russell, Kansas
William O. Douglas, Supreme Court Justice
Edward VII - King of England
Edward VIII - King of England (abdicated the throne in less than 1 year)
Oliver Ellsworth - Supreme Court Justice
Medgar W. Evers, civil rights leader
Stephen J. Field - Supreme Court Justice
George VI - King of England during W.W. II
Barry M. Goldwater, US Senator. (Arizona Lodge No. 2, Phoenix, May 12, 1931)
John M.Harlan - Supreme Court Justice
Charles C. Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotel chain
J. Edgar Hoover - Director of FBI
Sam Houston - 2nd & 4th President of the Republic of Texas
Rev. Jesse Jackson, civil rights leader
Robert H. Jackson - Supreme Court Justice
Anson Jones - 5th President of the Republic of Texas
Aga Khan III, statesman
Joseph E. Lamar - Supreme Court Justice
Mirabeau B. Lamar- 3rd President of the Republic of Texas
Fiorella H. La Guardia, Mayor of New York 1930s & 40s
Delbert L. Latta, Congressmen, Ohio 1959-1989, Wood Country Lodge #112
Robert E "Bob" Latta, Congressmen, Ohio 2007-2010, Wood Country Lodge #112
Sir John A.MacDonald - Prime Minister of Canada 1867-73 & 1878-91
John Marshall, Chief Justice U.S. Supreme Court 1801 - 1835
Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court Justice
Stanley Mathews, Supreme Court Justice
Sherman Minton - Supreme Court Justice
William H. Moody - Supreme Court Justice
Samuel Nelson - Supreme Court Justice
Sam Nunn - U.S. Senator
William Paterson - Supreme Court Justice
Mahlon Pitney - Supreme Court Justice
Joel R. Poinsett, USA Secretary of War, Master: Solomon's Lodge No. 1, Charleston
Stanley F. Reed - Supreme Court Justice
Wiley B.Rutledge - Supreme Court Justice
Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild - Initiated Oct. 24, 1802: Emulation Lodge No. 12, London
Potter Stewart - Supreme Court Justice
Carl B. Stokes, mayor of Cleveland
Noah H. Swayne - Supreme Court Justice
Thomas Todd - Supreme Court Justice
Robert Trimble - Supreme Court Justice
Frederick M.Vinson - Supreme Court Justice
Earl Warren - Supreme Court Justice
Levi Woodbury - Supreme Court Justice
William B. Woods - Supreme Court Justice
Andrew Young, mayor of Atlanta, Georgia
Whitney M. Young, director of National Urban League

U.S. Presidents
  James Buchanan
Gerald Ford
James Garfield
Warren Harding
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Johnson
William McKinley
James Monroe
James Polk
Theodore Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt
Howard Taft
Harry Truman
George Washington
Education and Literature
  Robert E. B. Baylor, Founder Baylor University
Robert Burns - The National Poet of Scotland
Casanova, Italian adventurer, writer, and entertainer
Carlo Collodi, author of Pinocchio
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Writer - Sherlock Holmes
W.E.B. DuBois, educator & scholar
Edward Gibbon, historian-wrote Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Alex Haley
Rudyard Kipling - Poet
Norman Vincent Peale - Midwood Lodge No. 1062, Brooklyn, NY. May 31, 1898
Alexander Pope
Aleksander Pushkin, Russian poet
Felix Salten, creator of Bambi
Sir Walter Scott
William Shakespeare
Leland Stanford, founded Stanford University and drove the gold spike linking the intercontinental railroad
Jonathan Swift - Wrote Gulliver's Travels
Mark Twain (Clemens, Samuel L.) - writer
Voltaire - French writer and philosopher
Booker T. Washington, educator & author - Grand Master, Massachusetts, PHA
Oscar Wilde - Writer
  Sir Joseph Banks, designed Kew Gardens, London
Gutzon & Lincoln Borglum, Father and son who carved Mount Rushmore
Frederick Bartholdi, Statue of Liberty
Alexander Eiffel, designer of the Eiffel Tower
James Hoban, architect for the U.S. Capitol
Alphonse Mucha -Initiated 1898, Paris, founder of Czech Freemasonry
James Smithson, founder Smithsonian Institute
Christopher Wren, St. Pauls Cathedral, Lodge of Antiquity No. 2, London (attributed)
  Louis Armstrong - Montgomery Lodge No.18, NY Prince Hall
Eddy Arnold
Roy Acuff
Rex Allen
Gene Autry
- Catoosa Lodge No. 185, Catoosa, Oklahoma: 1927
Johann Christian Bach
William "Count" Basie - Orchestra leader/composer (Wisdom Lodge No. 102, Chicago)
Irving Berlin - Munn Lodge No.190 New York City, NY
Ludwig van Beethoven
Eubie Blake
George M. Cohen - Song writer
Roy Clark - Country Western
Nat King Cole
- Waller Lodge No.49, Los Angeles, CA Prince Hall
Duke Ellington
Jim Davis
Gilbert & Sullivan
Lionel Hampton
W.C. Handy
Franz Haydn
Ferlin Husky
Burl Ives
Al Jolson
- Fame as the first 'talking picture' the Jazz Singer
Jerome Kern
Francis Scott Key
- Wrote U.S. National Anthem
Franz Liszt
Tony Martin
Wolfgang Mozart
Eddy Peabody
Oscar Peterson
Tex Ritter
Jimmy Rodgers
Roy Rogers
- Hollywood Lodge No. 355, Hollywood. 1946
Antoine Joseph Sax, invented the Saxophone (1846)
Hans Schuler
Jean Julius Sibelius
John Stafford Smith
- Wrote the music that became the US National Anthem.
John Phillip Sousa
Mel Tillis
Hank Thompson
Paul Whiteman - "King of Jazz"
Scientists and Inventors
  Samuel Colt, Colt Firearms
Erasmus Darwin (1732-1802) physician and botonist. Initiated at St. David's Lodge No. 36, Edinburgh in 1754
Desaguliers, John Theophilus - Inventor of the planetarium
Sir Alexander Fleming
(1881-1955), inventor of penicillin
Sir Sanford Fleming (1827-1915), creator of first Canadian stamp and standard time
John Fitch - Inventor of the Steamboat
Sir Alexander Fleming
- Invented Penicillin
Richard J. Gatling
- Built the "Gatling Gun"
Joseph Ignace Guillotin
- Inventor of the "Guillotin"
Richard M. Hoe
- Invented the rotory press, revolutinizing newspaper printing
Edward Jenner
(1749-1823), physician, discoverer of smallpox vaccine
Dr. William and Charles Mayo - Founded the Mayo Clinic
William James Mayo (1861-1939), surgeon
Charles Horace Mayo (1865-1939), surgeon
Karl A. Menninger, psychiatrist famous for treating mental illness
Franz Anton Mesmer, practiced Mesmerism which led to Hypnotism
Albert Abraham Michelson - Successfully measured the speed of light in 1882
Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier, inventors of the hot air balloon
Jacob Perkins (1766-1849), mechanical engineer and inventor; printed first penny postage stamp in 1840
David Sarnoff, father of T.V. (RCA)
James F. Smathers, inventor of the electric typewriter, Gate City Lodge No 522, Kansas City.
James Smithson, founder of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.
Andrew T. Still - American Physician who devised treatment of Osteopathy
James Watt (1736-1819) inventor of the steam engine. Initiated 1763.
Percy Wootton MD - President American Medical Association (1997- )
  Bud Abbott
Eddie Albertson
Cliff Arquette
- Ravenwood Lodge No.777, Chicago
Ernest Borgnine
Wallace Beery
Mel Blanc
Eddie Cantor
Charles Correll (Amos)
- Trio Lodge No. 57, Chicago
Freeman Gosden (Andy) - Petersburg Lodge No. 15, VA
William DeBeck - North Shore Lodge No. 936, Chicago
Cecil B. DeMille, actor, playwright, director. Prince of Orange Lodge No. 16, New York.
Douglas Fairbanks - silent film actor
Glenn Ford
Hoot Gibson
Clark Gable
- Beverly Hills Lodge No.528 CA
Harold Lincoln Gray - Creator of "Littel Orphan Annie" (Lombard Lodge No. 1098, Lombard, IL)
Arthur Godfrey - Actor"
Grock - Swiss Circus Clown
Oliver Hardy - Actor - Comedian (Laurrel & Hardy)
Jean Hersholt
Bob Hope
Harry Houdini
- Magician (Initiated Aug 21, 1923, St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York)
Buck Jones
Emmott Kelly
Wayne King
- Paul Revere Lodge No. 998
Harold Lloyd
Louis B. Mayer, film producer, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Harpo Marx
Tom Mix, U.S. Marshal turned actor. Stared in over 400 western films
Conrad Nagel
Carroll O'Connor
Tyrone Power
Dick Powell
Richard Pryor
- Henry Brown Lodge No. 22, Peoria, IL
Michael Richards - Cosmo Kramer of the Seinfeld TV series
Ringling Brothers, all 7 brothers and their father were Masons
Roy Rogers, American cowboy and screen star
Will Rogers
Charles "Chic" Sale - Urbana Lodge N0. 157, Urbana, IL
Red Skelton (33Ð)
Peter Sellers
Frank Skinner
- Benevolent lodge No.52, Meredosia, IL
Charles "Tom Thumb" Stratton
Danny Thomas
Howard Thurston
- Last of the great vauderville magicians.
Lewis Wallace
, wrote "Ben Hur"
Hal Brent Wallis - Prudence Lodge No. 958, Chicago
Jack Warner - Warner Brothers
John Wayne
Billy Wilder
Chill Wills
Jonathan Winters
William Wyler
, director of "Ben Hur"
Ed Wynn
Allan Young
, (Mr. Ed)
Darry l F. Zanuck, co-founder of 20th Century Productions in 1933
Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr., his Ziegfeld's Follies began in 1907 - Accordia Lodge No.277
  Arnold "Red" Auerbach
George Brent
Avery Bundage
Ty Cobb
- Royston Lodge No.426 Detroit, MI
Earle Bryan Combs - Baseball Hall of Fame
Jack Dempsey - Kenwood Lodge No.800 Chicago, IL
Jake Gaudaur
Rogers Hornsby
, an original member of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Tim Horton
Jack Johnston
Willie Mays
James A. Naismith
, inventor of basketball
Arnold Palmer - Golf pro
Scottie Pippin
, Chicago Bulls
Branch Rickey
Sugar Ray Robinson
Webb, Matthew
- First man to swim the English Channel (1875)
Cy Young
Congressional Medal of Honor  
         source: Masonic Service Association of North America
John Gregory Bishop Adams (USA) Columbian Lodge, Boston, MA
William Badders (USN) Sibert Lodge, Gatun, Canal Zone (MA)
John Henry Balch (USN) Howard Lodge #1134, Chicago, IL
Frank Dwight Baldwin (USA) Siloam Lodge #35, Constantine, MI
William Croft Barnes (USA) Gate City Lodge #11, Raton, NM
Henry A. Barnum (USA) Central City Lodge #305, Syracuse, NY
Richard Napoleon Batchelder (USA) Lafayette Lodge #41, Mancherster, NH
Wallace A. Beckwith (USA) Brainard Lodge #102, New London, CT
John Charles Black (USA) Olive Branch Lodge #38, Danvile, IL
William Perkins Black (USA) Olive Branch Lodge #38, Danville, IL
George Newman Bliss (USA) Union Lodge #10, Pawtucket, RI
Zenas Randall Bliss (USA) John’s Lodge #1, Providence, RI
Robert Earl Bonney (USN) Edmonds Lodge #165, WA
Thomas Wilson Bradley (USA) Walkill Lodge #627, NY
Willis Winter Bradley (USN) Golden Fleece Lodge #31, Forman, ND
James Montrose Burt (USA) Evening Star Lodge, Lee, MA
Smedley Darlington Butler (USMC) Orient Lodge #289, Philadelphia, PA
Daniel Adams Butterfield (USA) Metropolitan Lodge #273, New York, NY
Frank 0. Butterfield (USA) King Solomon’s Temple Lodge #45, VT
Richard Evelyn Byrd, Jr. (USN) Federal Lodge #1, Washington, DC
Henry Capehart (USA) Ohio City Lodge #486. Martin’s Ferry, OH
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (USA) United Lodge #8, Brunswick, ME
James T. Clancy (USA) Munn Lodge #190, New York, NY
John W. Clark (USA) Aurora Lodge #22, Montpelier, VT
Robert J. Coffey (USA) Aurora Lodge #22, Montpelier, VT
John C. Curtis (USA) St. Johns Lodge #8, Stratford, CT
Newton Martin Curtis (USA) Ogdensburg Lodge #128, NY
John Davis (USN) St. John’s Lodge #1, Newport, RI
James Harold Doolittle (USA) Hollenbeck Lodge #3 19, Los Angeles, CA
Daniel Allen Dorsey (USA) Emd Lodge #19, OK
Allan Houston Dougall (USA) Home Lodge #342, Fort Wayne, IN
James C. Dozier (USA) Columbia Lodge #326. SC
James Madison Drake (USA) Orient Lodge #126, Elizabeth, NJ
Henry Clay Drexier (USN) Doric Lodge #30, Millville, DE
James M. Drury (USA) Olive Branch Lodge #64, Chester, VT
James Dunlavy (USA) Quitman Lodge #217, Stiles, Iowa
Merritt Austi Edson (USMC) Olive Branch Lodge #64, Chester, VT
Thomas Foulders Ellsworth (USA) Jordan Lodge, Peabody, MA
Albert E. Fernald (USA Howard Lodge #69, Winterport, ME
Frank Friday Fletcher (USN) Onyx Lodge #419, Sanbom, IA
Joseph Jacob Foss (USMC) Minnehaha Lodge #5, Sioux Falls, SD
Donald Arthur Gary (USN) Garden Grove Lodge #586, CA
Theodore W. Goldin (USA) Janesville Lodge #55, WI
Nathan Green Gordon (USN) Morriliton Lodge #105, AR
Charles G. Gould (USA) West River Lodge #57, Londonderry, VT
Lewis Addison Grant (USA) King Solomon Temple Lodge #45, VT
Adolphus Washington Greely (USA) St. Marks Lodge, Newburyport, MA
John Hack (USA) Trenton Lodge #111, MO
William E. Hall (USN) Carbon Lodge #16, Price, UT
John Frederick Hartranft (USA) Charity Lodge #190, Norristown, PA
William Wirt Henry (USA) Burlington Lodge #100, VT
Francis Jay Herron (USA) Mosaic Lodge #125, Dubuque, IA
Dennis W. Hickey (USA) Fort Edward Lodge #267, NY
George White Hooker (USA) West River Lodge #57, Londondery, VT
Samuel Benton Home (USA) St Andrews Lodge #64, Winsted, CT
Squire E. Howard (USA) Blazing Star Lodge #23, Townshend, VT
Joe M. Jackson (USAF) Coweta Lodge #60, Newman, GA
Erastus W. Jewett (USA) Washington Lodge #3, Burlington, VT
Ruel M. Johnson (USA) Goshen Lodge #12, TN
Philip C. Katz (USA) Argonne Lodge #51, San Francisco, CA
Benjamin Kaufman (USA) True Craftsman Lodge #202, Trenton, NJ
John T. Kennedy (USA) Hancock Ldg. #311, Ft. Leavenworth, KS
Albert Knaak (USA) Olive Branch Lodge #47, SD
Morgan D. Lane (USA) Washington Lodge #5, Atchison, KS
Henry Ware Lawton (USA) Summit City Lodge #170, Fort Wayne, IN
Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr. (USA) Keystone Lodge #243, St. Louis, MO
Josiah 0. Livingston (USA) Sherman Lodge #72, West Topshain, VT
Moses Augustus Luce (USA) San Diego Lodge #3, CA
James H. Luther (USA) Bristol Lodge, North Attleboro, MA
Alexander Gordon Lyle (USN) St. Paul’s Lodge #14, Newport, RI
Joel H. Lyman (USA) Randolph Lodge #359, NY
Arthur MacArthur (USA) Mangolia Lodge #60, Little Rock, AR
Douglas MacArthur (USA) Manila Lodge #1, PI
William Marland (USA) St Mathews Lodge, Andover, MA
Charles H. Marsh St. Peter's Lodge @21, New Milford, CT
Charles Porter Mattocks (USA) Portlad Lodge #1, M
Lowell Mason Maxham (USA) King David Lodge, Taunton, MA
George Henry Maynard (USA) Monitor Lodge, Waltham, MA
Henry Clay Merriam (USA) Waterville Lodge #33, ME
Nelson Appleton Miles (USA) California Ldg. #278, Los Angeles, CA
Lewis L. MiIIett (USA) Tyrian Lodge #73, Mechanic Falls, ME
Audie Leon Murphy (USA) North Hollywood Lodge #5421, CA
Henry C. Nichols (USA) Central Lodge #62, Irasburg, VT
Carlos Carnes Ogden (USA) Catlin Lodge #285, IL
Cassius Peck (USA) Mystic Star Lodge #97, Brookfield, VT
Theodore Safford Peck (USA) Washington Lodge #3, Burlington, VT
Carl Emil Petersen (USA) Americus Lodge #83, Woodbridge, NJ
Orlando Henderson Petty (USN) Roxborough Lodge #135, Philadelphia, PA
Jackson Charles Phanis (USN William H. Upton Lodge #206, WA
James Parke Postles (USA) Eureka Lodge #23, Wilmington, DE
Albert Power (USA) Franklin Lodge #14, Bloomfield, IA
Matthew Stanley Quay (USA) St. James Lodge #457, Beaver, PA
Edward Vernon Richenbacker (USA) Kilwinning Lodge #297, Detroit, MI
William Y. W. Ripley (USA) Center Lodge #34, Rutland, VT
George Seanor Robb (USA) Salina Lodge #60, K
Augustus J. Robbins (USA) DeWitt Clinton Lodge #15, Northfield, VT
Robert S. Robertson (USA) Fort Edward Lodge #267, NY
John Cleveland Robinson (USA) Binghamton Lodge #177, NY
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. (USA Matinecock Lodge #806, Oyster Bay, NY
Henry Walker Rowe (USA) Lafayette Lodge #41, Manchester, NH
Donald E. Rudolph, (USA) K.hurum Lodge #112, Minneapolis, MN & Alt Heidelberg #821
Willie Sandlin (USA) Hyden Lodge #664, KY
Rufus Saxton (USA) St Johns Lodge #11, Washington, DC
Christian Frank Schilt (USMC) Olney Lodge #140, I
Thomas 0. Seaver (USA) Vermont Lodge #18, Windsor, VT
William Rufus Shafter (USA) Prairie Lodge #92, Galesburg, IL
Carl L. Sitter (USMC) Oasis of Mara Lodge #735,29 Palms, CA
Joseph Sewall Smith (USA) St Andrew’s Lodge #83, Bangor, ME
William A. Soderman, (USMC) Annawon #115, West Haven, CT
William Joseph Sperry (USA) Lafayette Lodgve #53, Proctorsville, VT
Paul Frederick Straub (USA) Mt. Pleasant Lodge #8, Iowa
Richard Longstreet Tea (USA) Aztlan Lodge #4, Prescott, AZ
Sidney W. Thaxter (USA) St. Andres Lodge $83
Stephen Thomas (USA) Jackson Lodge #60, West Fairlee, VT
Leo K. Thorsness (USAF) Unity Lodge #130, Sioux Falls, SD
Amasa Sawyer Tracy (USA) Union Lodge #2, Middlebury, VT
Benjamin Franklin Tracy (USA) Friendship Lodge #153, NY
Harold Leo Turner (USA) Seminole City Lodge #476, Seminole, OK
Voltaire P. Twombly (USA) Home Lodge #370, Des Moines, Iowa
Charles A. Vamum (USA) Olive Branch Lodge #47, Sturgis, SD
Wheelock 0. Veazey (USA) United Brethren Lodge #21, White River Junction, VT
Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright (USA) Union Lodge #7, Junction City, KS
Francis Emroy Warren (USA) Cheyenne Lodge #1, WY
William Wells (USA Washington Lodge #3, Burlington, VT
Daniel Davis Wheeler (USA) Lafayette Lodge #3, Proctorsville, VT
Hulon Brocke Whittington (USA) Oak Harbor Lodge #495, Ohio
William Hale Wilbur (USA)  
Henry Clay Wood (USA) Temple Lodge #25, Winthrop, ME
Leonard Wood (USA) Anglo Saxon Lodge #137 Brooklyn, NY
Carle Augustus Woodreff (USA) Hancock Lodge #331, Ft. Leavenworth, KS